a1The BlackBag Challenge is something of a scaled-down version of our immersive x-traction point live course. In BlackBag, teams are tasked with infiltration of a locked room (typically either a hotel room or a business office) and they must then use skills of lockpicking and bypassing in order to acquire intelligence documents and electronic data from various secured containers in that room. After documenting and copying as much intel as possible, the team must place things back into the state how they were first discovered and exit the room before time expires.

In many versions of this live exercise, participants have had the opportunity to use tools and hardware usually only available to law enforcement or federal investigators. Devices for generating forensic copies of storage drives, dumping data from mobile phones, or removing computers from AC mains power without ever shutting them off have been
involved. In some versions of this live exercise, participants even had the objective of quickly field-stripping and covertly disabling firearms which were secured in locked containers within the target room.

The BlackBag challenge can be scaled up or down depending on the needs and desires of our clients or hosting organizations.

Live Exercises

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